Community Involvement

Small Animals

Work experience

  • As part of our community involvement, we are happy to allow high school students the opportunity to perform work experience at our practice so that they can gain an insight as to whether this profession is for them.
  • We also accept Vet & Nurse students from universities to gain practical experience throughout their study, allowing them to be involved in a team environment and to practice their skills.

Safe Pets Safe Families

  • Together with Safe Pets Safe Families, our Vets and nurses volunteer their time to assist with pop up clinics. These clinics are designed to vaccinate and provide general health checks to pets with owners of no permanent address, or who are at risk of losing their residency.

Birdsville trips

  • Dr John is enthusiastic about exploring and going on adventures! His other passions of camping and helping people has allowed us to create a repour with the wider community of Birdsville. Teams of Vets and nurses are sent to assist with farm and property visits, providing services that wouldn’t normally be possible.

Council desexing program

  • Together with the Berri Barmera council, we are excited to provide desexing services for dogs at a subsidised cost. This has helped many clients, and we aim to continue this partnership in the future.

SA Endurance Riders Association

  • In addition to their busy roster, our Vets are quite often seen at these horse events, providing support and vetting procedures if required.