Desexings - Community cat

Small Animals

We are also proud to offer a subsidised cat desexing program for anyone in the Riverland area, to reduce the amount of unwanted/stray cat population.

We understand that some of the strict requirements for Community Cat bookings may be an inconvenience, but please understand it is how we are able to get the cost of desexing to a minimum. As a practice we are proud to offer this program, aiming to make responsible cat ownership more affordable. If the Community Cat restrictions do not suit you, you are welcome to book in for a regular desexing procedure, once your cat is fully up to date with vaccinations.

Conditions for community cat desexing

  • Cats do not have to be vaccinated, but please understand that all cats are housed near each another.
  • Every patient is admitted as a group- there are dedicated staff for this.
  • Individual drop off/pick up times will incur an additional cost.
  • Your cat must come in a secure cat carrier as this is what they will be housed in when they are not in surgery.
  • We will phone for confirmation the day prior to surgery; please ensure you confirm your appointment. Alternatively, you can phone and confirm at a time convenient for you before their surgery.
  • If you are late to pick up your pet or have organised a later pick up time you will incur an additional fee.
  • We aim to run on time, however being an emergency hospital, there may be some delays in the time you can pick your pet up. Please note that we will phone you with any changes.

Criteria for your cat to be desexed through the community program

  • All cats must be over 5-6 months of age and over 1kg.
  • Cost for a male is depending on whether they have both testicles descended
  • If a male only has one/no testicles descended, then a “Cryptorchid” castration is required. This will entail a more complex surgery, requiring more time, anaesthetic, and equipment/consumables.
  • Cost for a female will depend on if she is pregnant.
  • Female cats must leave with a bucket collar if they do not choose intradermal sutures; you can bring one from home or purchase one for an additional cost depending on the size of their head.
  • Additional services like micro chipping and vaccinations are available. Please make this request clear when booking surgery. However, your cat will NOT get a health check at this visit.
  • Full payment as a deposit is required to secure the booking. This can be paid over the phone at time of booking or the client can pop into the clinic and pay the amount at least a week before the procedure.
  • Please allow half an hour for the admissions process as there is paperwork to fill out.
  • Most importantly, your cat must be fasted from 8pm the night before. This means absolutely nothing to eat after 8pm. They can still have access to water overnight, but please remove in the morning.
  • If they get outside or if you’re unsure if it got to something overnight, we cannot do the procedure safely and will reschedule your appointment to another day.