End Of Life Care

Small Animals

  • We understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to a member of your family, and pets are no exception.
  • Our end-of-life consultations are very personal, sensitive and respectful. We understand that circumstances are all different, and that quality of life is better than quantity.
  • To ensure a smooth ride over the ‘rainbow bridge’, our staff will kindly ask you for legal consent and payment prior to seeing the Vet. This is so that, once finished, you can leave whenever you are ready. You will then be taken into a consultation room where our staff will explain the process.
  • Here at The Riverland Veterinary Practice, we are proud to partner with the AWL in being able to offer cremation services and keepsakes following the passing of your pet. Their approach to this process is nothing short of respectful and compassionate.
  • If burial is your preferred choice, then take home options are available. We also offer council burial if you are unable to bury your pet at home.